How Counselling Can Help

Registered Counselling

Hardship in life is unavoidable and it may come with its share of uncomfortable emotional experiences. Regardless of your reason, counselling therapy offers a broad array of benefits to clients.

Counselling encourages open and honest dialogue between the therapist and client about issues that are causing distress. Through the relationship with the therapist, clients work to identify how stressors are impacting their lives and develop goals and strategies to manage them. Clients often feel validated, heard, and understood by another person which allows them to explore their issues in a safe, trusting, and open manner. Having another person accept you fully and allow you to communicate your experiences without judgment, helps people to gain insight into their own behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

Counselling provides opportunity for self-exploration and self-discovery, and assists in changing self-defeating behaviours and habits. Clients develop self-awareness and acceptance as they process their experiences and work to develop new and healthy ways of coping that work for them. Through an increased awareness of personal triggers and negative or unhealthy coping, clients learn to express their emotions and cope in healthier ways. Counselling supports better expression and management of emotions.

Counselling can help clients to understand patterns that keep them stuck and work to adapt to change, build better relationships, resolve conflicts, set healthy boundaries, or make the changes necessary to improve their situation. A counselling therapist can provide a safe outlet to vent about issues and guidance in finding purpose moving forward. Through exploration of values, interests, and beliefs, counselling helps clients to set goals and find passions and purpose in life. Clients may work to improve their self-esteem and feelings of worth, allowing them to explore new options, reduce stress and improve their overall health.

Counselling therapists support clients to heal, emotionally regulate, ease distress, meet goals, and a variety of other reasons. Learning practical tools and skills can help clients to be proactive with their mental health and wellness, and begin living the life they want to be living.

We offer counselling services in person and online. If you or someone you love needs support, our registered clinical counsellor is here to help!

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